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5 Years Fixed Deposit

Bigger return on your deposits with the Fixed Term Deposit Account

Choosing the right Bank for your deposits is an important decision. Choose Arab Bank.

With the Fixed Deposit Account you will enjoy:

  • A competitive return on your deposits
  • Complete peace of mind through the biggest Arab banking network 
  • Convenient services and simple procedures 

You can specify the period of time for fixing the deposit starting from a single month to a year. The fixed deposit accounts are provided for a payable interest's period with a certain rate which is specified when the deposit is fixed and upon every renewal. In addition, the account's balance should not be less than BHD 1000 for the purpose of calculating the interest. Also, the fixing of the deposit is renewed on the due date for a similar period of time according to the interest rate that prevails at that time.

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For more information, please call our Customer Contact Center on 17541000 Deposits held with Arab Bank-Bahrain are covered by the Deposit Protection Scheme established by the Central Bank of Bahrain's regulation concerning the establishment of a Deposit Protection Scheme and a Deposit Protection Board.
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