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At Arab Bank, we understand the banking services and requirements that doctors need… with that in mind we have specially designed “Tabeeb Plus” banking package to ensure that doctors will be receiving the ultimate personalized service alongside preferential banking features. 

Special terms and conditions apply.

Introducing personalized banking programs, which cater to your different financial requirements and takes into consideration your busy schedule.

- Elite Program

Elite is a unique and highly personalized banking service that is tailor-made to meet the requirements of our most valued customers including a dedicated and experienced relationship manager who will ensure that you receive personalized attention and advice through the designated Elite areas within our branches. In addition to providing you with priority service, fast-tracking your banking requests, preferential pricing on many of our banking services and products, and much more…

Furthermore, Elite provides you with a wide access to a range of wealth management and investment solutions, which suit your future financial plans and objectives such as, customized discretionary portfolio management and brokerage services.

- Arabi Premium

Arabi Premium is a program specially designed to cater to a unique segment of our customers through a dedicated and experienced team of relationship officers who will provide its members with the priority service they deserve.

Arabi Premium members benefit from a bouquet of value-added privileges bank accounts with preferential pricing, a complimentary life insurance coverage in addition to preferential features and interest rates on loans.

Financial solutions with preferential features

We offer you a wide range of financial solutions with preferential interest rates that help you realize your dreams and aspirations no matter how diverse they are:

- Flexible and preferential loans including Personal, Auto and Housing loans.
- Pre approved auto loan with a loan tenor up to 7 years
- Pre approved personal loan with a loan tenor up to 7 years
- Pre approved housing loan with a loan tenor up to 30 years for Doctors who own a clinic.

Terms and conditions apply

Comprehensive range of Cards with exclusive features

- “Tabeeb Plus” Visa Debit card specially designed for doctors

As a special recognition for the doctors sector, we customized a Visa Debit card for doctors. The card offers you a variety of value- added privileges such as giving you priority service at our branches’ queuing system, in addition to higher cash withdrawal limits through our ATMs network and higher limits for daily purchases.

- Pre Approved Credit Cards

The Visa Signature and Visa Platinum credit cards from Arab Bank, grant you the purchasing power and exclusive benefits through which you will enjoy unlimited complimentary access to VIP airport lounges around the world, automatic enrollment in our loyalty program “Arabirewards”, in addition to the ability to install your purchases from as low as 0.75%

Advanced digital banking services at your disposal to fulfill your banking needs anytime and anywhere

Because we value your profession as a doctor and fully understand the importance of your time, we offer you a host of digital banking services to help you conduct your banking transactions easily and securely around the clock, via:

  • The Internet Banking Service “Arabi Online “and the Mobile Banking app “Arabi Mobile
  • An ultimate digital banking experience; allowing you to conduct your banking transactions easily, conveniently and securely through our Arab Bank branches
  • Dedicated Customer Care Centers at your service for Elite members on 17533303 and for Arabi Premium members on 17541000 available 24/7 to answer all you inquiries and help you complete many of your banking transactions.
  • Instant Cash deposit service through our ATMs
  • Ability to book fixed deposits online at your convenient with preferential interest rates via Arabi Online 
Arabi-Cross Border Program

With Arab Bank Cross-Border Services, you will be able to conduct a wide range of banking transactions in Bahrain and abroad through a variety of value-added products and services with the utmost levels of convenience, as detailed below:

  • Cross Border account opening in any of the following countries: Jordan,Palestine, Egypt,  Lebanon, UAE, and Qatar.
  • Managing your accounts across our regional network online via the “Arabi Access” feature available through “Arabi Online
  • Non-resident mortgages loans
  • Emergency Encashment service which enables you to withdraw cash from your account in Bahrain from any Arab Bank branch while traveling in the region
  • Reduced fees for cash withdrawals through Arab Bank’s ATM network in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, and Qatar
  • Elite and Premium members will be entitled to avail from our wide regional presence by being recognized as an Elite or Premium customer as per their respective program at domicile country across our branches network abroad.

Terms and conditions apply

Complimentary life insurance


The Elite program offers complimentary life and permanent total disability insurance for an amount up to USD $70,000

Arabi Premium

The Arabi Premium program offers complimentary life and permanent total disability insurance for an amount up to BHD 10,000

Terms and condition apply

For more information about Tabeeb program Click Here, so we can contact you directly, or call our Customer Care Center on 17541000.