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With the Credit Cards’ Balance Transfer Service you can now transfer the outstanding balance(s) of your credit card(s) from other banks to your Arab Bank credit card at 0% interest rate for the first 3 months*.

How can you apply to this service?

All you have to do is to fill and sign the application form and submit it to any of our branches along with the last 3 statements of your non-Arab Bank credit card(s).

What’s the minimum/maximum outstanding balance that can be transferred?

The minimum transferred balance is BHD 200 and the maximum limit is 90% of the available balance of your Arab Bank credit card.

What interest rate will apply after the 3 months Balance Transfer?

The regular interest rate will be applied on the outstanding balance of the transferred balance after 3 months. Both balances (the transferred balance and the due monthly balance) will be merged into one.

So why wait! Enjoy the convenient repayment period and the competitive interest rate immediately by transferring the balance(s) of your other card(s) to your Arab Bank Credit Card.

For more information please call our Customer Care Center at 17541000 .

* Minimum due payment option is 5% of transferred balance during the 3-month period.
All applications are subject to Arab Bank’s approval and Terms & Conditions.
Licensed as a Conventional Retail & Wholesale Bank by the CBB. This service is available to our Retail Bank customers – individuals’ accounts only and not for corporate accounts.