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Transfer (Outward & Inward)
Now you can transfer funds from your account to any other Arab Bank account at any of our branches in Bahrain or abroad for free.

Through this special service, offered exclusively to our valued customers, our vast local and international branch network will be at your disposal, ensuring the best services and the highest level of convenience when it comes to transferring funds.

- This free service is available through Arab Bank branches around 10 countries and for all inward and outward remittances to, or from, any of our branches in Bahrain.
- Availability of issuing periodic outward remittances in specified amounts and dates.
- The service is available through the Internet Banking Service (Arabi Online).
- The staff at our branches is dedicated to serve you and assist with any questions you may have. The customer contact center is also available to you around the clock
Transfer your funds easily and without fees with Arab Bank!

Terms and conditions related to the service apply. This service is available for free through Arab Bank plc branches in the following countries:











AFAQ Payment System

Regional payments system “AFAQ” for funds transfers in GCC currencies within the GCC region. This allows selective transactions within the GCC region to be automatically conducted via “AFAQ” for faster execution and reduced fees. Click here for more details. 

To check the codes for SWIFT Cross Border payments, please Click Here.
Foreign Currency Buy/Sell
The Bank provides the service of buying and selling currencies against other currencies or BHD. The Bank also provides its customers with the service of foreign currency deposit, withdrawal, and transfer between accounts in the account currency or in any other currency.
Drafts Outward

- Drafts drawn on Arab Bank branches/correspondent banks in most parts of the world are issued on a limited basis.
- Outward drafts of Arab Bank branches drawn on other branches can be cashed by any Arab Bank branch worldwide.
- The cancellation of an outward draft is possible after returning it to the Bank.
- In case the draft is lost or stolen, the draft applicant or beneficiary may submit a stop-payment request for the subject draft to the Bank


Purchase / Collection

Purchased or accepted drafts for collection are divided into the following:

- Drafts drawn by branches or external correspondents on branches or branch centers. These drafts are purchased in cash. 

Bank drafts drawn by big and well known banks whose authorized signature publications are available in Bank branches. Drafts of this type may be credited to beneficiaries' accounts, if their value equals USD 2,000 or less; their collection periods are specified according to the country of the bank from which they are drawn.

Personal cheques whose drawers are either individuals or legal entities and which are drawn on their accounts at branches or at external banks. Such cheques are taken and dispatched by the Bank on collection basis; they are to be credited to the beneficiaries' accounts only after their final collection

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 17541000