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Enjoy our end of year offer, get up to 3000 Arabi Reward points when using your Arab Bank credit card!

Get free Arabi Reward points when using your Arab Bank credit card on spending made in travel related categories during the campaign period.

New credit cards will get 1000 bonus points within “Arabi Rewards” Program.

Don’t miss out on this offer! If you are not an Arab Bank credit cardholder, apply today for one to take advantage of this offer.

*subject to the campaign’s terms and conditions. The offer is valid until 31/1/2023.

The campaign’s terms and conditions:

Campaign starts on 01/12/2022 until 31/01/2023

  • Eligible customers are individual using their Arab Bank Credit Cards
  • Cards should be active and not delinquent during the campaign
  • Minimum spend during the campaign period is 500 BHD
  • Debit cards, internet shopping cards, and Travel mate credit cards are not included in the campaign
  • Transactions counted are those made in travel related categories such as airlines, travel agencies, hotels, car rental companies only.
  • Cards will receive free points based on the total purchase transactions specified in term 5 during the campaign period according to the following table:

Free Points

Total Transaction BHD

400 Point

500 – 1000 BHD

700 Point

1001 – 2000 BHD

1000 Point

2001 – 3000 BHD

3000 Point

3001 + BHD


  • Reward points will be credited to Arabi Reward points balance maximum by 28/02/2023
  • Supplementary cards’ transactions will be considered as part of Primary cards’ transaction(s)
  • The bank will announce through the bank’s official website in case ending the campaign or amending any of its terms and conditions at any time