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Terminology used:

"Bank" refers to Arab Bank plc or any other related subsidiary.
"Customer""he/she""his/her" and "him/her" refer to the person who is authorized to access Arab Bank Online Internet Banking Service, that is the client, or the authorized account holder of a joint account.
"Business Day" refers to Sunday through Thursday, excluding national and "Bank" holidays.
"Service" refers to Online Internet Banking Service.
"Each Party" refers to the "Customer" and the "Bank".
"Third Party" refers to an external entity to the "Customer" and the "Bank".

  1. The preamble shall be read as one unit accordingly.
  2. Accessing the "Service" entails that the "Customer" fully accepts all items stated in this agreement.
  3. The "Bank" is offering this "Service" through the "Internet", utilizing the best security measures, but the "Bank" is not responsible for any errors that might occur due to the unprotected and open nature of the "Internet". Therefore, the "customer" shall be solely responsible for all risks inherent in, or resulting from, using the "service".
  4. The "Bank" agrees to offer the "Service" to the "Customer" but the customer will be fully responsible for the PC maintenance, operations and communications costs. The "Bank" is not responsible for any faults caused by any software used by the customer, or if the customer uses any device or software that causes risks to the security, integrity or functionality of the system, or any viruses residing on the "Customer's" PC that may compromise "Customer's" critical data, and the customer will be held responsible for any consequences that may arise as a result of that. Also, the "customer" will not be responsible for any viruses incurred from the "Bank" devices.
  5. The "Bank" shall provide the "Customer" with the operation instructions, which the "Customer" undertakes to follow accurately.
  6. The "Customer" acknowledges that all information given under the "Service" is for guidance only, and should not be considered as a commitment on the part of the "Bank". The "Bank" is not responsible in case of irregularity, or if the "Service" is non-operational or if wrong information is given through the "Service".
  7. The "Bank" shall have the right to suspend the "Service" at any time, and for any period of time after prior notice to the "Customer" inwriting one week before effecting the suspension, and without giving any reasons.
  8. The "Customer" may request to change data of the "service" / change any service provided by a written and signed request to the "Bank" , or through the e-mail service provided through the Online Internet Banking service.
  9. The "Bank" offers the "Service" as per the established charges and expenses.
  10. The "Customer" approves that the "Bank" may share information about the "Customer" internally to provide the "Customer" with new services.
  11. The "Customer" agrees that the "Bank" will not conduct any money order if the "Customer" does not have sufficient balance in the account "he/she" designated, at the time the order is to be performed. The "Customer" also agrees that the "Bank" will not conduct any funds transfer if the transfer amount exceeds the daily transfer limit.
  12. Transfers are conducted electronically on the day specified by the "Customer" if the transfer is to Arab Bank Branches in the same country, or on the following two "business days" if otherwise. The amount will be debited to the "Customer's" account on execution day.
  13. The "Customer" can cancel any future payment order-if not processed- by using the "Service" or by a written notice signed by the "Customer". If the "Customer" does not have sufficient balance in the "Customer's" account, at the time the payment is to be made, the "Bank" will inform the "Customer" by the "Service" mail about this.
  14. On "Service" termination, any scheduled payment order requested by the "Customer" through the "Service" will still be performed on the business days specified by the "Customer" on a condition of having a sufficient balance in the customer's account. The customer must return the TOKEN used by "him/her" back to the branch which provided "him/her" with the "service".
  15. The "Bank" will consider the "Customer's" request for a cheque book submitted through the "Service". Based on the "Bank's" approval, the "Customer" shall either receive his/her cheque book from the concerned branch or by mail (depending on the case).
  16. The "Customer" agrees to pay fees / charges established by the "Bank" for any internal or external funds transfer or cheque book issuance.
  17. The "Customer" alone shall bear any responsibility that may arise as a result of debiting "his/her" account, or transferring any amount to another customer's account by mistake.
  18. If the "Customer" suspects any transaction recorded in "his/her" Activity History, provided by the "Service", the "Customer" must inform the "Bank" within 15 days, otherwise, the transaction is deemed to be performed on the "Customer's" behalf. Thereafter the "Bank" will investigate the matter, and will perform thorough investigation. The "Customer" will provide the "Bank" with his / her name, account number and transaction reference number and the "Customer" will be informed of the result of these investigations as soon as possible.
  19. Electronic mail, provided through the "Service", is used as a means of secure correspondence between the "Bank" and the "Customer". The "Customer" must send e-mail messages to the "Bank" only through the "Service". The "Customer" agrees to receive e-mail messages from the "Bank" through the "Service". The "Customer" is considered a recipient of any message the "Bank" sends to the "Customer".
  20. According to the "Customer's" selection of the services that "he/she" wants to use as part of the "Service", the "Bank" provides the "Customer" with the following: Upon the "Customer's" selection of Personal Services, the "Bank" will provide the "Customer" with the following:
    1. User-ID
    2. Sealed envelope containing a Password to access and operate the "Service".
    3. Advices of Service.
    4. Service directives.

Upon the "Customer's" selection of Third-Party Payment Services the "Bank" will provide the "Customer" with the following:

    1. TOKEN
    2. Sealed envelope containing User-ID, Password of the Service, and password to operate the TOKEN device.
  1. The customer must change the passwords upon receiving them, and the "Customer" is fully responsible for safeguarding "his/her" User-ID, Password(s), and TOKEN device (if applicable) and any other information provided to "him/her" by the "Bank". The "Customer" undertakes to keep the relevant User-ID, Password(s) and TOKEN device (if applicable) as confidential and private, and keep them in separate secure places, and not to release them to anyone. The "Customer" should exercise extreme caution when using "his/her" User-ID, Password(s), and TOKEN on a PC in a public place. The "Customer" releases the "Bank" from any responsibility or harm that may arise as a consequence to the misuse of this "Service" or due to the "Customer's" breach of this obligation. In case the "Customer's" TOKEN device is lost/stolen/damaged, the "Customer" must report the incident to the "Bank" immediately so that the "Bank" will stop the "Service". To re-activate the "Service", the "Customer" must apply for a new TOKEN device and the "Customer" will incur the new TOKEN cost as determined by the established charges and expenses.
  2. The "Customer" understands completely that the User-ID, Password(s), and TOKEN device are considered the identification means to verify the "Customer's" identity, therefore all transactions performed using them and anyone using them will be considered the "Customer". The "customer" shall be liable for all transactions performed by using "his/her" identification means.
  3. In case the "Customer" suspects that a "Third Party" is tampering with the "his/her" accounts through the "Service", or "he/she" doubts that "his/her" user ? ID and password(s) are compromised by some "Third Party", the "Customer" must inform the "Bank" of this immediately, and confirm it in writing as soon as possible. The customer shall be liable for all amounts that may be incurred due to the use of the user ID and password(s) until the end of the day on which the bank receives a written notification from the customer in due course.
  4. The "Service" will be temporarily locked in case the login password is entered incorrectly ten consecutive times. The "Customer" will have to refer to "his/her" branch to re-activate the "Service". The TOKEN device will also be temporarily stopped in case its relevant PIN is entered incorrectly three consecutive times. The "Customer" will have to refer to "his/her" branch to re-activate the TOKEN device.
  5. The "Bank" has the right to change the "Terms & Conditions" after prior notice to the customer. (Electronically / in writing) to customer's address held with the Bank one week before effecting the change. The change is in effect, unless the customer objects otherwise. Also, the "Bank" has the right to change the software used in the "service" and the services offered after prior notice to the customer, one week before effecting the change.
  6. The "Customer" selects the type of services, "he/she" wants to subscribe to, by marking (3)on the required services below, and signing nearby the selected service(s).
    • Personal Services
    • Third-Party Payment Services
  1. The "Customer" will only specify the following main accounts he has the right to manage via the "Service":
    1. -----
    2. -----
    3. -----
    4. -----
    5. -----
    6. -----
    7. -----
  1. Each party has the right to terminate this Agreement by a written notice sent to the other party's address indicated in the beginning of this Agreement one week before effecting the termination.
  2. Local courts shall have the Jurisdiction to hear any dispute that may arise from or be related to the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, or the use of the service. Both the Bank and the customer waire their right to exchange notices through the notary public