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1.Requirements to Access the Service

A User-ID and password for Personal Services.


User-ID, Login password and (Token/Second Password) for Personal and Third Party Payments Services. 

II. Access to the Service

  • From any PC connected to the Internet, open the browser and type the following address: www.arabbank.bh
  • Click Login then choose “Arabi Online” 

III. What happens the first time you Access the Service

  • You will be asked to wait while the application is being downloaded. This should not take more than 3 minutes
  • As soon as the login page appears, enter your assigned User-ID and password. Pay attention that the User-ID is case sensitive while the Password consists of numbers only.
  • You are prompted to enter a new User-ID .
  • Then you need to change your designated password, enter first the password you used to login then enter your new password twice.
  • If you subscribed to "Personal Services" or have a token, please skip this step: Enter a new Second Password twice, this Password will be used to confirm your transactions.
  • Press the button "ACCEPT".

IV. Directions for Customers Registered for Personal Service only

If you request any of the following sensitive transactions, you will require to enter your password to confirm :

  1. Send Mail
  2. Change User-ID
  3. Change Address

Fifteen consecutive wrong password entries while you are confirming your transaction will cause the service to exit and return to the Login screen .

V.Directions for Customers Using Tokens

a. What is a Token?

  • The Token is an electronic device a numeric keypad and display panel operated with a PIN . You only receive the Token if you applied for the Payment Services.
  • The Token generates randomly passwords using time as one of the factors, the password is used to confirm financial/sensitive transactions.
  • The new password is generated within seconds, therefore you need not worry about the secrecy of the generated password. 

b. How Does the Token Operate ?

To open the token, press the arrow and enter the Token PIN printed in the closed envelope given to you by Arab Bank. If this is the first time you use it, you will be immediately forced to change the PIN by entering the new PIN twice

If you request any of the following financial/sensitive transactions you will require a token generated password to confirm:

  1. Internal Transfers
  2. External Transfers
  3. Scheduled Orders
  4. Send Mail
  5. Change User-ID
  6. Change Address

Three consecutive wrong PIN entries will cause the Token to be locked and you would need to use the "Unlock Token" service from "My Profile" menu to unlock your token. An e-mail confirmation will be immediately sent to the Internet mail you provided us with when you subscribed to the Service.

If you wish to change your Token PIN at any time, all you have to do is open the Token and   press the arrow for 30 seconds and you will be prompted to enter the new PIN twice.

VI.Directions for Customers Using Second Password

If you request any of the following financial/sensitive transactions you will require the Second Password to confirm:

  1. Internal Transfers.
  2. External Transfers.
  3. Scheduled Orders.
  4. Send Mail.
  5. Change User-ID.
  6. Change Address.

VII. How to access the Online help

While using any service press the help button ? on the upper section of the screen to display the help available for that specific service in a new window. You can also press the contents button in the help window to know more about any service.

VIII. How to Exit from the Online Banking Service

Use the button X found on the upper section of the screen.

IX.Why does your Online Banking Service get locked?

The wrong entry of your User-ID 10 times consecutively would temporarily suspend your Online Banking service and you would need to refer to your branch to activate the service.

  X.Important Things to Note/Remember

  • Your subscription to the Service in one country will allow you to access all your accounts held with Arab Bank branches in that country . To access your Arab Bank accounts in another country, please subscribe separately to the Service with any Arab Bank branch in the concerned country.  
  • Every time you login to the service, you will see the your last access date and time  displayed on the upper-left hand of the screen.
  • While you are using the service, and  a predefined time elapses without any activity, you will be disconnected automatically from the service.
  • You should always check the service “Activity Log” to view the transactions which you have  requested during the past three months.