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Arabi Rewards Program, the Credit Card Rewards Program from Arab Bank is your ticket to enjoying a great range of free services and benefits simply as a reward for using your Credit Card issued by Arab Bank / Bahrain.

The best thing about Arabi Rewards Program is that it is completely free! We don’t charge you for earning or redeeming your points and there is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

How it Works - Earning Reward Points:
Earning “Arabi Rewards” Points is easy, just use your Arab Bank Credit Card whenever you make any Retail Purchase. Whatever you spend will automatically earn Reward Points based on the following table:

Card Type

1 Reward Point for each

World Elite Mastercard/Visa Signature / Visa Platinum Credit Card /
Mastercard Titanium Credit Card / Visa Classic Credit Card
1 Dinar
Gold Visa Credit Card 2 Dinars


If you use your Platinum Credit Card to buy the following:

• BHD 50 on groceries = 50 Reward points
• BHD 30 on a meal with family and friends = 30 Reward Points
• BHD 40 on new clothes for children = 40 Reward Points
→ Total earned points will be: 120 Points

Your Reward Points will be credited to your Reward Account at the end of each month..

Cash Rewards:
You can redeem your Rewards Points to cash credited directly into your credit card account as illustrated in the following table:

Reward Value Required points
BHD 10 2,000
BHD 40 4,000
BHD 100
BHD 200
BHD 500

How it Works – Redeeming Points:
Reward Points can be redeemed at any time .Now through "Arabi Online" service, you can request to redeem your Arabi Rewards Points or simply call our Customer Contact Center on 17541000 and a customer adviser will assist you

The collection, usage and redemption of Arabi Reward Points are subject to the program's terms & conditions.

Licensed as Conventional Retail & Wholesale Bank by the CBB. This service is available to our Retail Bank customers – individuals accounts only and not for corporate accounts.